ShockDrain is an engineered pad manufactured in the U.S. using Thermoplastic Elastomers Polyolefin Composites (TEPC). The pad itself is 100% recyclable from one cradle to another and meets the most stringent regulatory requirements.

ShockDrain 580 is a shock attenuation and synthetic aggregate technology designed for the use beneath synthetic turf to achieve optimum athlete performance. The pad is unique and is also used in “new generation” Sports Fields for field foundations and water conservation. Why ShockDrain 580?

Shock Absorption: ShockDrain is industry-leading in shock attenuation which reduces impact and fosters a safer playing environment for athletes.


Drainage: ShockDrain 580 is at the forefront of drainage technology, allowing maximum permeability.


Economic Benefits: Our solution is one of the most cost-effective on the market. Don’t believe us? Get in touch to learn more.


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